We’re a non-profit dedicated towards knowledge-sharing and using imagery to better understand and respond to the biodiversity crisis.

The Nature Counts Foundation is building the largest open-source data set of underwater imagery and video footage of marine habitats.  The Foundation aims to collaborate with academics and practitioners, strengthening the overall understanding of marine ecosystem conservation and restoration activities.


Coral reefs are likely to decline by 70-90% relative to their current levels by 2050. Based on the urgent need to conserve and restore this valuable ecosystem, the Nature Counts Foundation is currently focusing its efforts on improving the transparency and understanding of coral reef projects.

What We do

The Foundation engages in two main activities:

Open-source Database

Producing the largest open-source data set of underwater imagery

Collaboration For Ecosystem
Conservation and Restoration

Deploying underwater
cameras integrated with AI
recognition abilities

Our Team

We are a team of scientists, software developers and ocean lovers that aim to bring rich imagery to anyone interested in the underwater world. Our people are at the heart of everything we do. We strive to be thoughtful, objective, independent, creative, innovative, and hardworking, and we aspire to work with partners with similar qualities.

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The Nature Counts Foundation supports private and public sector organizations across the world - including governments, inter-governmental organizations, academia, companies, and other non-profit organizations.

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We depend on donations from our supporters and partners. Thanks to you we can support urgently needed action in ocean science and knowledge sharing.

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The Nature Counts Foundation delivers biodiversity data to strengthen the overall understanding of ecosystem conservation and restoration outcomes. This paves the way for researchers, practitioners and financers to effectively counter human impacts on nature.

The Foundation engages in two main activities

Project Performance Services

We make the invisible visible and understandable, bringing underwater environments to life so project developers and sponsors can more efficiently and effectively track, assess and refine their actions, and engage with stakeholders.

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Collaboration for Ecosystem Conservation and Restoration

We collaborate with researchers to provide a practical and rigorous approach to restoration project performance assessment, and further knowledge by sharing data with our academic partners. We extract insights for restoration practitioners, financers and policy makers on best practices, and engage with stakeholders to ensure transparency and effectiveness in projects that counter human impacts on nature.

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Learn about our monitoring and the different NCF projects.

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Learn about our monitoring and the different NCF projects.

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Learn about our monitoring and the different NCF projects.

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